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From time to time we will post news articles and announcements relating to the firm and to various legal issues that may be of interest to you.
In Scotland, it is possible to apply for what is often referred to as a “quickie” divorce using the Simplified Procedure.The Simplified Procedure can be used in situations where you have been separated for more than two years or, indeed, for mor
This year, Miller Samuel Hill Brown have decided to support Simon Community Scotland as our charity of the year for 2020. Most will be aware of Simon Community but for those who are not – the charity helps those affected by homelessness across Scotla
There are various reasons why a company might be struck off and subsequently dissolved. The company may have become dissolved by inaction, for example where the company is no longer needed or forgotten about and as a result the necessary document fil
The BBC recently reported on the case of a professor who won a claim for age discrimination against Oxford University. The case related to a compulsory retirement age operated by the university, something which is unusual now since the abolishme
Short-term property lets (STLs): a boon for the hospitality trade but a blight on communities? A gravy train that looks set to be derailed?Property owners have a number of enticements to enter the market. STLs are an attractive alternative to long-te
 The Equality and Human Rights Commission have released new guidance for employers in relation to harassment in the workplace. Their guidance on Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work sets out details of what harassment is in terms of the
Operators in the licensed trade have recently been receiving letters from the Motion Picture Licensing Company Ltd (MPLC) seeking licensing fees for showing film (including television programmes) in public places – i.e. a hotel bar with BBC One on.Th
As we settle in to 2020, we are looking ahead to some changes in employment law which are due to come into effect this year, high profile cases to be heard, as well as some proposals set out by the government.Changes to the LawThere are a number of i
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Separation is hard for any couple but going through drawn-out and fractious court proceedings can substantially add to the levels of stress and anxiety felt by everyone involved. In this blog, our family law solicitors explain how a Separation Agreem
In a recent blog, we discussed a case which concluded that vegetarianism did not amount to a philosophical belief for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010. In the last week, it has been reported that the employment tribunal in the case of Casam
Children everywhere are devastated this year after discovering Santa Claus is to be investigated by the ICO for being in breach of the GDPR. An anonymous complaint noted Mr Claus has been making a list of children’s names and addresses and ‘checking