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 All information contain within this update is accurate at the time of publication. During these unprecedented times where the situation is constantly changing at pace it is vital that you take expert advice where necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any issues covered in these updates further. The Hill Brown Licensing Team and the wider team at Miller Samuel Hill Brown remain committed to providing the fullest possible service for the trade at this extremely challenging time.

Too much guidance?


In June the Scottish Government published guidance for the hospitality and tourism sector on its website.

Being a Litigation Trainee in the time of Covid


I am currently working in the firm’s litigation department and last week I made my first court appearance. Throughout university, I have always had a fairly good idea that I would like to be a court lawyer so this was a moment I have been looking forward to! I had very much expected to pick out my best tie and suit for my first court hearing, but instead, I was in a pair of jeans! This was not because I have adopted a cavalier approach to the formalities of court dress, but because this hearing – like so many others now – was held by teleconference. This has benefits and disadvantages. It is good because it removes the need to travel to court and wait for your case to call, saving time for everyone involved – the Sheriff simply calls your phone number when they are ready to hear your case. However, there is clearly a drawback from not being able to look all parties in the eye when discussing the matters at hand. Regardless of this, it seems that at least some element of virtual proceedings will remain after Covid-19 becomes a distant memory (a time that cannot come soon enough) – and if that means that justice can be administered more efficiently then this should be welcomed.

Enforcing a CCJ in Scotland

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If you, or your client, has obtained a county court judgment (CCJ) against a Scottish debtor we are able to assist you in registering that CCJ in Scotland to enable enforcement proceedings to commence.