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Cash-Flow and Debt Recovery in Uncertain Economic Times

Cash Flow and Debt Recovery in Uncertain Economic Times
Author David Phinn Litigation

Just today, economists at Citi, the American bank, have forecast that the rate of UK inflation will peak at 18.6% in January 2023. This has serious ramifications for business and individuals alike. With wages simply unable to keep pace with the soaring rate of inflation, individuals will have less disposable income to spend on new purchases and to pay off existing debts. This is why companies should be alert to the looming crisis and ensure that they have robust cash flow management and debt recovery procedures in place, especially as we head into winter when the impact of the crisis will be worst.

Single-Use Plastics… Not Fantastic

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Iona blog author

Just in time for plastic free July, Scotland has become the first part of the UK to ban many single-use plastics.  The legislation, The Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Scotland) Regulations 2021, came into force on 1 June 2022.

Once bitten, twice shy

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zibya blog author

Majid v Gaffney [2019] UT 59

In October 2019 the housing division of the Upper Tribunal for Scotland in the case of Majid v Gaffney ruled that the eviction ground being relied upon by a landlord when serving a Notice to Leave had to apply at the time of service of the Notice to leave.  The eviction ground relied upon in that case was Ground 12 – rent arrears which meant that as at the date of service of the Notice to Leave the tenant must have been in rent arrears for three or more consecutive months.  It transpired the tenant was not in rent arrears for three or more consecutive months when the Notice to Leave was served on him.  The court ruled that simply owing rent when the Notice to Leave was served did not mean that Ground 12 applied and thus rejected the landlord’s application for an eviction order.

Start the new tax year with better debt recovery processes

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anna blog author

The new tax year began on 6th April 2022, and while you may not have made any ‘new year, new you’ promises, perhaps it could be time to sort out your business finances. It can be easy to let things slip - a late invoice, a missed payment and even an unpaying customer or client. However, when all of these add up, it can have a catastrophic effect on your cash flow and the longevity of your business. We look at simple steps you can take to improve your debt recovery processes.

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