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From time to time we will post news articles and announcements relating to the firm and to various legal issues that may be of interest to you.

Retail tenants should check the small print

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As a fresh wave of lockdown measures cut across the UK, retail tenants may be experiencing new concerns about how to pay the rent, but another ticking timebomb is the viability of their landlords. 

Enforcing a CCJ in Scotland

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If you, or your client, has obtained a county court judgment (CCJ) against a Scottish debtor we are able to assist you in registering that CCJ in Scotland to enable enforcement proceedings to commence.

Gone but not gone forever – how to restore a dissolved company

BLOG gone but not gone forever how to restore a dissolved company

There are various reasons why a company might be struck off and subsequently dissolved. The company may have become dissolved by inaction, for example where the company is no longer needed or forgotten about and as a result the necessary document filing is neglected. Alternatively, the company may have been dissolved intentionally by way of a director requesting it. Once a company has been dissolved, any property and assets will automatically pass to the Crown - this is known as bona vacantia.

Residential buildings and cladding: what you need to know

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Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower on 14th June 2017, there have been changes to the way that fire safety is approached in high rise residential buildings over 18 metres high.