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What is a “quickie” divorce?

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In Scotland, it is possible to apply for what is often referred to as a “quickie” divorce using the Simplified Procedure.

What is a Separation Agreement and When Might I Need to Use One?

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Separation is hard for any couple but going through drawn-out and fractious court proceedings can substantially add to the levels of stress and anxiety felt by everyone involved. In this blog, our family law solicitors explain how a Separation Agreement can help couples to resolve matters more amicably.

How is Matrimonial Property Divided on Divorce?

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When a couple divorces, decisions must be made about how they will share out their joint assets.

Separation Abroad

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Reaching the difficult decision to separate or divorce whilst living abroad will undoubtedly result in many uncertainties about how best to part ways.  There could be issues surrounding division of matrimonial property or arrangements for children to consider, amongst other things.  For those living away from their own country, things can often be more difficult.