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Social Media – Issues in the workplace

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Social media can be a useful tool to advertise, market and inform, but with this great power comes great responsibility. All too often an ill judged post can have a huge effect on employees and employers alike, as Danny Baker found out recently after being dismissed by the BBC following a twitter post which was considered racist. This blog takes a look at some of the issues employers face with social media in the workplace.

Do fathers taking Shared Parental Leave have a right to enhanced pay?

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The Court of Appeal has given its judgement in the combined cases of Hextall v Leicestershire Police and Capita v Ali and another. Both cases concerned whether it was unlawful sex discrimination, prohibited by the Equality Act 2010, for men on shared parental leave (SPL) to be paid less than women are paid while on maternity leave.

All work and no play? – Relationships at work and potential pitfalls for Employers

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Romantic relationships in the workplace are not uncommon. It’s an obvious way for people to meet and as we spend most of our week around our colleagues there’s plenty of opportunity for connections to flourish. These relationships do not need to be viewed as a problem and can be highly positive, but it is also important to recognise that they can cause issues.

Do employees have an absolute right to freedom of expression in the workplace?

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