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From time to time we will post news articles and announcements relating to the firm and to various legal issues that may be of interest to you.
It has been quite a wait since it was recommended by Sheriff Principal Taylor in his 2013  Review of Expenses and Funding of Civil Litigation in Scotland – but cost shifting has finally arrived. For actions raised after 30 June 2021, new rules h
As the UK’s vaccination programme continues and the threat posed by Covid-19 subsides, the Scottish Government has begun rolling back the emergency legislation previously enacted to deal with the pandemic. Most notably, almost all remaining legal res
The local authorities are routinely enforcing access rights against residential, commercial and estate owners. It is therefore important for property owners to know their rights and responsibilities when it comes the Access Rights. The Land Reform (S
We welcomed a decision issued by Lady Wolffe in the Outer House of the Court of Session this week, regarding the enforcement of post-termination non-compete restrictions in a contract of employment. Representing the pursuer, construction recruit
With many businesses hard-hit by the pandemic, getting paid on time and protecting your cashflow has never been more important. Carrying the weight of unpaid invoices can make doing business challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has caused financial
Through our relationships with other people, we often make promises. You may promise to do something, or you may promise not to do something (you may even promise yourself you’re going to get fit once gyms re-open…!). But what does the law have to sa
As a fresh wave of lockdown measures cut across the UK, retail tenants may be experiencing new concerns about how to pay the rent, but another ticking timebomb is the viability of their landlords.  Even before the pandemic, the high street was u
If you, or your client, has obtained a county court judgment (CCJ) against a Scottish debtor we are able to assist you in registering that CCJ in Scotland to enable enforcement proceedings to commence.
There are various reasons why a company might be struck off and subsequently dissolved. The company may have become dissolved by inaction, for example where the company is no longer needed or forgotten about and as a result the necessary document fil
Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower on 14th June 2017, there have been changes to the way that fire safety is approached in high rise residential buildings over 18 metres high. On the 18th of December 2018, the UK government issued an advice note
The 2017 £83m purchase of a Scottish company, the Craig Group, has driven home in a fairly spectacular fashion the importance of contractual interpretation – and why, sometimes, all the advice in the world cannot beat bad timing. It may also be
If you are planning a summer event, you need to establish what your legal obligations are when it comes to providing access for disabled individuals. Here, we take you through your basic legal responsibilities and take a brief look at what you can do
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