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Miller Samuel Hill Brown Solicitors Blog

From time to time we will post news articles and announcements relating to the firm and to various legal issues that may be of interest to you.

Impact of age discrimination legislation

A recent survey by TAEN – The Age and Employment Network – has found that older people continue to struggle for work and only one in ten think age discrimination law has helped them.

The survey shows that overwhelmingly, older jobseekers want work because of financial need, a desire to feel valued and the social interaction work brings. They are ‘worried’ or ‘desperate’ about not working and believe obstacles include adverse attitudes by recruiters, mismatches of skills or qualifications with employers’ needs and factors such as the national focus on youth unemployment.

Chris Ball, Chief Executive of TAEN commented:

“These obstacles continue more than six years after discrimination against older jobseekers was outlawed by the 2006 Age Regulations and two years after the Default Retirement Age, allowing people to be forcibly retired at 65, was ended. Our survey confirms that the challenge of ending age discrimination is as relevant as ever.”

The survey of 792 unemployed people seeking work, all aged fifty and older, showed 83% of respondents felt they were regarded as ‘too old’ by recruiters with 72% saying prospective employers saw them as ‘too experienced,’ or ‘over qualified.’ The figures contrast with much smaller percentages making the same claims in TAEN’s two previous surveys.

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