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Head of Our Employment Team Marie Macdonald Gains Mediation & Conflict Resolution Qualification

We are pleased to announce that Miller Samuel’s Marie Macdonald, partner and head of our employment law team, has recently gained a Postgraduate qualification in Mediation & Conflict Resolution with Merit.

Expertise in mediation and conflict resolution has become invaluable in both the private and public sectors in Scotland. Recent developments in policy and legislation will potentially transform the way disputes are resolved in Scotland. The Government has indicated mediation as a key component of their vision for dispute resolution.

Mediation for Conflict Resolution in Employment Law

Why is mediation an ideal solution for employment law disputes and conflicts?

The 2009 ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) Code of Practise gave mediation a prominent role in the resolution of employment conflict.

Mediation can be used at any stage in a conflict from the beginnings of a dispute in the workplace right up to a litigated hearing. The Employment Tribunals also now offer mediation to resolve cases that meet certain criteria.
In a workplace, disputes between colleagues, employees, team members and managers waste a great deal of time and energy and can be a great expense to any business.

Additionally, formal internal conflict resolution procedures and employment tribunals are time consuming, costly to undertake and likely to result in further disruption and can generate further animosity within the workplace.

Mediation can produce a more creative, cost-efficient and effective solution.

Mediation tends to produce rapid results, in contrast with litigation which can be lengthy, time-consuming and expensive. It ensures the issue is dealt with swiftly and allows for business to return to usual as soon as possible.

Moreover, as both parties in mediation procedures must agree to the terms of the resolution, it is likely they will find it to be more satisfactory than a solution imposed by a third party decision maker. This leaves potential for the employment relationship to be preserved once the dispute is resolved.

Conflicts and disputes are common place and almost inevitable in business. It is, therefore, essential that organisations have an appropriate strategy on how deal with them to minimise disruption and cost.  At Miller Samuel we recognise the strengths of mediation as a cost efficient and effective method of dispute resolution. The solicitors in our Employment Law Team are experts in conflict and dispute resolution, including mediation.

Marie Macdonald’s new qualification stands as tangible evidence of her professional expertise and the strength of the team as a whole. Marie and our team have a rigorous, multi-disciplinary perspective on conflict and dispute resolution, specialised knowledge and practical mediation and negotiation skills.

Contact our Expert Employment Mediation Solicitors

If you would like more information about using mediation for resolution of your employment dispute or require help from our expert employment law solicitors, call us on 0141 221 1919 or alternatively fill out our online enquiry form.

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