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Separation is where a couple are not living together as man and wife/civil partners but have not decided yet to divorce. In this situation, there are several things that must be organised such as residency and contact any children and financial and property affairs. In this situation, a separation agreement should be entered into.

Separation in Scotland

Separation Agreements are important as they deal with factors crucial to both parties lives: childcare and financial and property affairs.
Thus it is important that Separation Agreements are well drafted and both parties seek legal advice before entering into one. If there is a Separation Agreement in place and you then decide to divorce in the future, the divorce can proceed on an uncontested basis.

This will be considerably cheaper than running a contested divorce and less stressful for the client and family as a whole.
A Decree of Divorce can be granted one year after the date of separation provided the parties consent. Exactly the same principals apply to the breakdown of a civil partnership. At Miller Samuel Hill Brown, your solicitor will have the expertise to give you the best quality advice and help necessary for you in this difficult time.

Separation and Divorce Lawyers Scotland

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