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When relationships between parents break down and they separate or divorce , children are often the ones most heavily affected. If it becomes impossible for a child to remain living with both parents, it can be a complicated and stressful process det
The question of surrogacy is an area of family law which is not often discussed in public. Indeed, many people think that surrogacy is still illegal in the UK, but that is not the case. Provided it is not carried out for profit, then surrogacy is an
When a famous couple gets married – or when they get divorced – it is not uncommon for celebrity news sites to refer to the existence of a prenuptial agreement or ‘prenup' as they are often known. However, with record numbers of marriages ending in d
New figures from Direct Line Pet insurance showed that in the past 12 months, over 28,000 divorce s in the UK involved a dispute over custody of a pet – that is more than one-quarter of all divorce cases. Disputes over a pet may not be the first thin
Going through a divorce is never a simple or straightforward procedure. However, when divorce comes at a later stage in life, and one or both parties have perhaps been previously married or had children from past relationships, the complexities can b
    It is very common for at least one parent of a child to be originally from a different country.  What is the situation regarding that parent returning “home” in the event of separation or divorce ?  Many parents do not realise
From June 24, 2019, new laws took effect which change how children's views are heard within court cases affecting them. This follows the consultation into how court processes could be made more child-friendly,  led by the Family Law Committee (F
The concept of a traditional family unit has changed and, in some situations, this give rise to problems. Figures from 2016 suggest that, not only can separation have a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of the family unit, but it has a financial im
Foreign travel, what was once a luxury has now become the norm with more and more people spending time abroad through business or emigrating to build a new life. Choosing to emigrate with children can be a complicated process but it can be further co
Not everyone wants to get married in a church or registry office. For many cohabiting couples, a civil partnership is far more attractive – it moves away from the idea of women being the ‘property’ of their husbands and is infinitely more acceptable
The Scottish Government issued a Consultation Paper relating to the reform of Child Law in Scotland earlier this year.  The last date for submitting responses to the Consultation Paper is 7 August and individuals can make their views known if th
The Concept of Deed Poll is one which is familiar to most people.  However, Deed Poll does not apply in Scotland.  In Scotland, you can call yourself anything you want without any formality.