By Miller Samuel Hill Brown on Friday, 06 October 2017
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Rise in Road Traffic Fatality Numbers

Road safety charity Brake has expressed its concern over the number of deaths and injuries occurring on Britain’s roads after the latest official figures revealed a rise in accident fatalities.

The latest figures from the Department for Transport show that 1,792 people were killed in collisions last year, up 4% since 2015 and the highest annual total since 2011.

In addition, 24,101 people were seriously injured in 2016 - a rise of 9% (from 22,144 in 2015), which is being attributed by the Government at least in part due to changes in the way many police forces now report collision data.

The figures also reveal there has been no reduction in deaths of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists since 2012.

"Today's figures graphically illustrate the daily carnage taking place on roads across Britain,” commented Jason Wakeford, Director of Campaigns for Brake. “On average, five people continue to lose their lives each and every day - a deeply worrying figure which has not improved for some six years.”

"New drivers continue to be involved in a disproportionally large number of collisions,” he said. “Brake is calling for the introduction of a graduated licensing system, including a minimum learning period and restrictions for newly-qualified drivers, to help new motorists build up their skills and experience more safely and over a longer period of time. This approach has dramatically reduced young road casualties in countries including Australia, New Zealand and across many states in the USA.”

"We are also calling for a review of speed limits on rural roads - where most deaths occur - and for 'Voluntary Intelligent Speed Adaptation', which helps drivers keep within the limit, to be fitted as standard to new cars as part of proposals being considered by the European Commission," he added.

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