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Previously in Scotland, under s.16 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1985 the Sheriff, when determining an order in relation to a child, was expected to consider the views of the child taking into account their age and maturity.  A child of twelve
A common matter for parties to consider prior entering into marriage or a Civil Partnership is how they can protect their assets in the unfortunate event that they separate at a later date. This may seem like an unromantic approach, but entering into
In child related matters the views of the children require to be taken into account by courts, if it is appropriate to do so. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in March, unfortunately the Scottish Courts have only been in a position to progress ur
A recent People Management and CIPD survey revealed that a quarter of UK employers expect to make permanent redundancies in response to the coronavirus crisis. At the same time, more than half are predicted to furlough staff members.Government help i
In Scotland, it is possible to apply for what is often referred to as a “quickie” divorce using the Simplified Procedure.The Simplified Procedure can be used in situations where you have been separated for more than two years or, indeed, for mor
Separation is hard for any couple but going through drawn-out and fractious court proceedings can substantially add to the levels of stress and anxiety felt by everyone involved. In this blog, our family law solicitors explain how a Separation Agreem
When a couple divorces, decisions must be made about how they will share out their joint assets.
Reaching the difficult decision to separate or divorce whilst living abroad will undoubtedly result in many uncertainties about how best to part ways.  There could be issues surrounding division of matrimonial property or arrangements for childr
When relationships between parents break down and they separate or divorce, children are often the ones most heavily affected. If it becomes impossible for a child to remain living with both parents, it can be a complicated and stressful process dete
The question of surrogacy is an area of family law which is not often discussed in public. Indeed, many people think that surrogacy is still illegal in the UK, but that is not the case. Provided it is not carried out for profit, then surrogacy is an
When a famous couple gets married – or when they get divorced – it is not uncommon for celebrity news sites to refer to the existence of a prenuptial agreement or ‘prenup' as they are often known. However, with record numbers of marriages ending in d
New figures from Direct Line Pet insurance showed that in the past 12 months, over 28,000 divorces in the UK involved a dispute over custody of a pet – that is more than one-quarter of all divorce cases.Disputes over a pet may not be the first thing