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Vehicle fatalities have fallen to an all-time low in the 30 years following the introduction of legislation requiring seat belts to be worn in the front seat, says the RAC. An analysis of road casualty statistics by the motoring organisation found th
The most common age to get divorced is apparently between 40 and 49, and the most common length of marriage ending in divorce is between 11 and 20 years. These are some of the findings from the 10th annual matrimonial survey carried out amongst famil
The Scottish Parliament has recently voted to make forced marriage a criminal offence in Scotland by passing a Legislative Consent Motion (LCM) that adopts planned UK-wide legislation. Some protection against forced marriage is already available in S
The UK’s Supreme Court has recently given a ruling that is likely to have an impact on future international child custody cases , reports the Guardian . The case involved a custody dispute between a British father and Spanish mother over their 13-yea
A recent survey by relationship support charity Relate has found that 58% of separated parents don’t believe in the idea of a ‘good separation’. The poll also found that separation and divorce are not simply one-off events which start and end when on
The Labour Justice Minister, Dan Jarvis, has called on the UK Government to introduce new laws that would mean domestic violence victims were not required to disclose their home addresses in open court, reports the BBC . The measures have been referr
Recent figures released by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and charity Reunite have revealed a sharp rise in the number of parental child abduction and custody cases . In 2003/04 the FCO was involved in 272 new parental child abduction and in
The UK’s Supreme Court has recently given its ruling in a long-running international child custody dispute that has seen the child in question move back and forth between the USA and UK. The case involved a child, K, who was born in 2006 in Texas and
The Child Support Agency (CSA) has now closed its doors to new applicants as the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) takes over all new child maintenance cases for the first time. Single parent charity Gingerbread has commented that this is the start of
The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill has passed stage one in the Scottish Parliament after MSPs voted 98 to 15 in favour of the legislation, with five abstentions, reports the BBC . The Bill was introduced in the Parliament on 26th June
The process of experts giving evidence in family courts is under the spotlight in England and Wales, with the Government publishing details of new national standards that it says will reduce unnecessary delays in court and increase the quality of the
The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill is continuing its progress through the Scottish Parliament, with the Equal Opportunities Committee recently publishing its Stage 1 report on the Bill . The majority of Committee members have apparent