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Pronouns are the way we refer to one another’s gender identity, for example he/she/they. Using a person’s chosen pronouns in the workplace is a basic courtesy and everyone deserves to have this respected in the workplace. Therefore, pronouns and gend
Once your business starts growing, outsourcing may become more of a necessity than a choice. You might struggle to manage a certain aspect of your business due to a lack of time, knowledge or limited resources. Outsourcing will allow you to alleviate
While a ‘term of endearment’ usually suggests affection, such phrases can result in feelings of harassment, discrimination or victimisation amongst employees. According to researchers at GQ Littler, workplace ‘banter’ has played a key part in the 45%
From June 2022, for a trial period of six months, 60 companies across the UK are set to trial the four day working week. With more than 3000 workers taking part, covering a diverse workforce, this pilot scheme is believed to be the largest in the wor
Following the events of 2020 and in light of the hugely notable Black Lives Matter movement the UK Government recognised that action ought to be taken to address some significant disparities and injustices within the United Kingdom.  While the G
Yesterday P&O Ferries took the decision to dismiss 800 members of their staff. While large scale dismissals may have been fairly common due to the pandemic the key difference here is that this decision came seemingly out of the blue. For those wi
Settlement Agreements are used in order to end an employment relationship on agreed terms. It is a legally binding document and can also be used to resolve ongoing workplace disputes. As a result of signing the agreement, the employee will be un
2021 has been a year of widespread rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine (and most recently the Covid Booster Jab). However, the new Omicron variant has many concerned about the efficiency of the original Covid vaccine and it is now looking increasingly li
For many businesses, Christmas is the busiest time of year and many employers will require a short term increased workforce over the festive period. Seasonal or fixed term employees obtain the same rights in law as those who are permanent and working
In a very brief amendment to the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) regulations, the Government have quietly extended the period for self-certification for employees from seven days to 28 days. Many will be familiar with the usual system whereby an employee ca
With COP26 descending on Glasgow this week our attention turns to world leaders to explain how they intend to address the ever—growing concerns around the impact that the human race has had on our planet. On 3rd November 2021 Rishi Sunak described a
On 24 September 2021 the Government announced that there would be changes to the current laws on staff tips based on its findings from the Consultation on Tipping, Gratuities, Cover and Service Charges in 2016 (All tips to go to staff under governmen
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