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Further to the recently announced changes to the furlough scheme (see our blog on this), detailed guidance has now been published by the government. In this briefing, we look at some key questions relating to the changes.Which employees are eligible?
As we progress through the government’s route map out of lockdown, phase 2 potentially includes re-opening of non-essential indoor workplaces which are not office based, although the default position will remain working from home. Over the next few m
On Friday 29th May, the Chancellor announced further changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) going forward. Detailed guidance on these changes is still to be published and we understand it is expected on 12th June. At the moment, the k
With the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK, you might find yourself having to take time off work. During this time, it is important to know your rights to sick pay if you cannot work due to COVID-19.If you are concerned or want to ensure you
With the UK in lockdown, there’s no denying the impact this will have on businesses in the coming weeks and months. From sick pay to homeworking, for employees and employers, knowing your rights and obligations during this time is crucial.Here, we se
In our blog posted on 27th March, we gave an overview on what the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“the scheme”) meant in practice. The government’s initial guidance on the scheme was welcome but contained a number of gaps which created
Businesses processing personal data need to keep protection of customer and employee data at the front of continuity planning as they tackle the coronavirus threat. Home working, cyber fraud and employee confidentiality will challenge businesses tryi
On Friday 20th March 2020 the government announced the introduction of Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This will see the government take on the obligation to pay part of employees’ salary where those employees that would otherwise have been laid of
As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the globe, the government is urging all employees and workers who are able to work from home. While working from home is not uncommon for some, there are many for whom this will be an entirely new way of working
On Friday the government announced a never before seen scheme which will see it intervene in the employment relationship between employer and employee. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will see the government take on the obligation to pay part of
As the number of COVID-19 cases globally and in the UK continues to increase, employers may be wondering what measures they should be taking and what rights their employees have. A number of workplace related issues have been reported in the media, a
Stress in the workplace is a common issue and one which it is important to manage appropriately. There has been an increasing focus in recent years on mental wellbeing within the workplace, and there are good reasons why this should be so.  One