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Social media can be a useful tool to advertise, market and inform, but with this great power comes great responsibility. All too often an ill judged post can have a huge effect on employees and employers alike, as Danny Baker found out recently after
The Court of Appeal has given its judgement in the combined cases of Hextall v Leicestershire Police and Capita v Ali and another. Both cases concerned whether it was unlawful sex discrimination , prohibited by the Equality Act 2010, for men on share
Romantic relationships in the workplace are not uncommon. It’s an obvious way for people to meet and as we spend most of our week around our colleagues there’s plenty of opportunity for connections to flourish. These relationships do not need to be v
  Two recent tribunal claims highlight the challenge for employers in safely navigating personal expression by employees in the workplace.   A hospital nurse who discussed her Christian views with patients, offering a bible to one and
There has been much highlighting of the high level fines which can be imposed under the GDPR for data protection breaches. What is less known is that individuals can be prosecuted and subject to fines for data protection offences on a personal basis.
Where an employee is facing disciplinary allegations, it is fairly common for them to be suspended from work during the investigation and disciplinary process. Often, an employer will reserve the right to do so in contracts of employment . The usual
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that, in granting a loan to one of its employees and his spouse to buy a house, Electricité de France (EDF) was acting for purposes relating to its trade, business or profession and was therefore a ‘seller or supplier’ for the purposes of the Unfair Contract Terms Directive (UCTD).
Background In March 2019, the Government began a consultation on the possible introduction of new measures to prevent the misuse of confidentiality clauses, particularly in situations of workplace harassment or discrimination. The Women and Equalitie
Gender pay gaps, itemised payslips and what to do about working rights for EU citizens – these are some of the issues looming large for employers over the coming weeks, with April ushering in many significant dates for new and amended employment legi
  Physical contact in the workplace is a very high-profile topic among bosses, workers, and HR departments at the moment. On the back of two very public controversies, where men in positions of power got a little bit too ‘touchy-feely’ with thei
  We have previously written about various cases on worker status arising from the ‘gig economy’. Companies including Uber , Citysprint and Pimlico Plumbers have been on the losing end of decisions where they have sought to argue that their cont
    As anyone who has had to delve into the complexities of TUPE will testify, the Regulations are enough to fry the brain. So here’s something to add oil to the pan! If in your business you are in a TUPE situation, especially a service pro