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When we fall ill, we place our trust in the medical profession. Unfortunately mistakes can and do happen. Sometimes, mistakes made in the treatment or diagnosis of injury or disease can make matters much, much worse. If you have been injured or suffered a loss as a result of medical treatment, contact us today.

Making a medical negligence personal injury claim.

The consequences of medical negligence can be severe: minor injuries and illnesses can become life-threatening if improperly treated.  As experts, a higher standard of care is expected of  medical practitioners – GPs, surgeons, nurses, dentists etc. If they fail to meet this duty, then you will be entitled to compensation.

The majority of patients in the UK receive first-rate healthcare. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen. While there will be varying degrees of risk associated with certain medical procedures, and these can never be entirely removed, there are often cases where patients receive an inadequate standard of care and suffer injury as a result.

If you have been injured in the last three years and you feel the medical profession is at fault, then you may be able to make a claim. If you or a loved one suffered injury as a child, then this three year period runs from the date of the child’s 16th birthday. Common types of medical negligence include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Mistakes in type or dosage of medication
  • Failure to diagnose or adequately treat an illness or injury

Medical negligence claims can be complex, as there can be detailed evidence to be heard. Miller Samuel Hill Brown are here to undertake all aspects of making a medical negligence claim on your behalf. You can claim compensation for medical negligence for a number of things: the injury itself, any mental anguish you suffer, any ongoing suffering, the costs of correcting the mistreatment, the cost of care and any expenses you incur and the loss of any earning whether past or future.

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