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Divorce for Celebrities in Scotland

When a marriage breaks down, important decisions for the family need to be made at a time when individuals can be feeling vulnerable. Decisions need to be made about where children are going to live and arrangements for parental contact. The financial consequences of the break-up also need to be addressed, including the division of assets and maintenance arrangements for children.

For celebrities, there is likely to be the added stress of this occurring under the public eye, putting a premium on discretion. The divorce lawyers at Miller Samuel Hill Brown have acted for various celebrities and we understand the particular needs and wishes of such clients. Contact us for expert legal advice tailored to your circumstances.

In Scotland, the issues concerning children and financial provision need to be resolved before a divorce can proceed. The decisions regarding the care and upkeep of children of the marriage under 16 years of age must be determined, along with the financial arrangements between the parties.

Discretion assured

Celebrity divorces may bring additional concerns such as the potential impact upon a career, public perceptions and endorsements. The public will be curious to know the reasons for the divorce and what is happening with any children of the marriage. Keeping matters private, and the children protected, as much as possible for as long as possible is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with the impact of social media.

If celebrity status applies to you or your partner and you are thinking of starting a divorce, please contact us as soon as possible. As with all our clients, but especially celebrities given the added pressures, you can be assured of our absolute discretion.

Financial provision

As in any divorce, the starting point for financial arrangements will be the equal sharing of matrimonial property acquired during the marriage. The extent of the matrimonial assets, at the date of separation, need to be determined to allow for the calculation of a “clean break”. The law allows for special circumstances such as the need to provide a home for the children of the marriage and maintenance of the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

We can assist and support you in a range of issues such as any potential jurisdictional disputes, obtain realistic asset values, particularly where high-value items are involved, and find “hidden assets” as appropriate to you.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

A celebrity divorce may involve pre- and postnuptial agreements. Scots law recognises both, with the main criteria being the fairness and reasonableness at the time they were entered into, that the spouse or spouse-to-be had the opportunity to obtain advice beforehand and that no pressure was applied.

We can assess the terms of such agreements and advise you as to how enforceable they may be, or if they can be challenged, depending on your position.

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At Miller Samuel Hill Brown, we provide clear, expert advice on all aspects of family law, and have special expertise in assisting high net worth individuals and celebrities with the divorce process. Based in Glasgow City Centre, our divorce & separation lawyers also help clients in Glasgow’s West End, South Side, Paisley and across Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire and Central Scotland. Let us help you. Please contact our divorce and dissolution specialists via our online contact form.

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