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People tend to be reluctant to consider the event of their death; however it is extremely important to plan the distribution of your estate after you do die. Do so by ensuring you have a well-drafted Will.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document setting out how you wish your assets to be distributed on the event of your death. An executor will be appointed under the Will to organise your estate. The executor will:

  • Collect your assets
  • Pay any debts
  • Distribute your estate in accordance with your Will.

Why Make a Will?

A Will is one of those things that everyone should have, and yet only a about a third of people ever bother.

When you die your property and affairs will need to be dealt with. By making a Will you can ensure that they are dealt with in the way that you want and that any specific intentions which you have for the disposal of your own home, money or possessions are carried out efficiently after your death.

Estate Planning involves more than simply making a will.

It is an opportunity to enhance the value of your estate and to maximise the benefit of inheritance to your beneficiaries, regardless of the size of the estate. Estate Planning allows you to identify the potential pitfalls (e.g. tax liabilities) to your estate and maximise the benefit of wealth transfer.

Do I need a Will

Not got a Will?  Unsure of the validity of an existing Will? Contact our team of experts on 01412211919. Let our trusted team at Miller Samuel Hill Brown help you control what happens to your assets after your death.

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